We deal with a wide range of contentious issues, in front of ordinary Courts, as well as in front of specialized sections for company and employment related cases.
As lawyers who regularly discuss cases in front of a Court, we know how essential is to gain a thorough knowledge of the facts, since the correct analysis of facts and documents is often the key to succeed. For this reason, we take care to evaluate all the relevant documents from the beginning, to assess the merits of the action and promptly consider the opportunity of interim or precautionary measures and/or emergency actions. Weekly, then, lawyers in charge of the case discuss the most important or critical issues with our internal Committee, so that each important issue can be discussed and evaluated collectively.


We daily deal with trade contentious issues in which our clients are involved: disputes with commercial agents, or with dealers, litigations for unfair competition, motions against anticompetitive behaviors or against infringement of intellectual property rights.


We experienced the explosion of litigations regarding mortgage or bank account contracts, we deepened major litigated issues concerning these agreements and we dwelled on pleas for a declaration of invalidity even if raised in the mildest case of delinquency.
We constantly deal with claw-back actions, we support our clients during the whole process of debt collection, even if related to real estate, from the very beginning to the possible enforcement.


With over twenty years of experience, we handle complex litigation both in front of the administrative courts, in front of Corte dei Conti, and other authorities such as the Bank of Italy, IVASS or AGCM. The Firm then provides support services tailored to the compliance team of banks and insurance companies.


We regularly handle both ad hoc and administered arbitrations, according to the rules of various arbitration institutions in Italy and abroad. Together with the client, we choose the arbitration rules, the seat of the arbitration and the most suitable arbitration clause according to the specific context. We support step by step the client during the litigation, choosing together the strategy, the arbitrator and the best procedure for the specific case. In international arbitration, then, we adapt the strategy to the applicable law and evaluate the most efficient solutions for the recognition and enforcement of the Italian award abroad as well as the international award in Italy.


Every day, we work alongside our clients in the negotiation, drafting and formalization of a wide range of commercial contracts, from the more complex relating to non-repetitive or extraordinary cases to the most common related to the normal course of business or trade.
Whether it is an agency, a distribution or a commission contract, or a sponsorship or an assignment of trademarks or patents, in each case, we offer efficient solutions in line with the applicable law. In drafting a contract, then, we assess their impact and thus the consistency with constraints from international regulations, antitrust obligations, abuse of economic dependence, transfer pricing or tax matters.


In recent years, we have been frequently involved in extraordinary transactions, including cross border acquisitions on behalf of Italian and foreign clients. We follow the client with a very special attention to its specific needs whether we are retained by an Italian businessman who intends to sell its business aiming to maximize the value of its shares or by a private equity fund that wants to acquire a majority stake in an Italian company, minimizing business related risks and define a new corporate governance structure.
We are actively involved in debt restructuring operations, drafting tailor-made solutions suitable for companies in crisis. We draw up extrajudicial settlements with suppliers and banks. We also flank companies or banks identifying and negotiating the most appropriate solutions for any particular business crisis.


We are a cohesive team that works for the fastest and most efficient solution of the problems submitted